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Philosophy Of Taekwondo

Taekwondo, which originated in Korea centuries ago, is one of the most popular and effective martial arts in the world.

Taekwondo, based on the Yin-Yang theory of Oriental philosophy, is a physical expression of the human will for survival and activity to fulfill the spiritual desire of all beings. With its stress on the coordination of Dan-Jun Breathing with body movements, Taekwondo improves the heart, the circulation of the blood and breathing sytem, which also improves digestion and metabolism, as well as devoloping "Ki" power (your inner, innate energy).

Physically, one can develop coordination, agility, and muscle tone while generating energy in every organ of the body to help maintain excellent health and to keep in shape through continious training.

Mentally, Taekwondo transforms ones character into a strong spirit which provides confidence, patience and modesty. Then one will eventually gain an outstanding personality as a leader of society.

The "Yin and Yang"

Theory of Taekwondo

Taekwondo is based on the philosophical concept of "Yin-Yang", which evolved thousands of years ago in the orient. Under this concept, everthing is bipolarized. For Example, the universe consists of the earth and heavens, though unlimited in space, is circular in motion. The day ("Yang") followed by night ("Yin" in perpetuity, similarly a person consists of body and mind, though endless in soul can be considered a microcosm, a small universe included motion and stillness, emptiness and fullness, hardnesss and softness. Therefore, the universe or the microcosm is the world of change and cooperation, the world of conflict and coordination.

Since Taekwondo springs from the "Yin-Yang" philosophy, the student should apprehend the basic principle of Taekwondo which are compsed of mtion and stillness, fullness and emptiness, and hardness and softness, in accordance with the thought of "Yin-Yang". So the person who practices it continously will enjoy the most natural state, the ultimate harmony of "Yin-Yang", balanced physical and mental health, and a long life.


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